What is Armour Thyroid?

Armour Thyroid is a brand-name hormone medicine. It is a natural product derived from animal thyroid glands – most commonly from pigs.

Armour Thyroid is usually prescribed to treat patients with an underactive thyroid, known as hypothyroidism, as well as for the prevention of enlarged thyroid glands or as an additional treatment for thyroid cancer. The purpose of Armour Thyroid is to top up the body’s level of thyroid hormone when the body does not make enough.

Armour Thyroid is one of several brands of thyroid hormone medicine, with competitors including Westhroid and Nature-Throid. It is not advised to switch brands without checking first with a doctor.

The drug corporation Actavis bought Forest Laboratories, the original creators of Armour Thyroid, for $25 million in 2014.


Armour Thyroid is prescribed for those who suffer from low thyroid hormone levels, which may occur for a variety of reasons. Low thyroid levels can simply occur naturally, due to disease, or as a result of injury or surgery. For example, radiation treatments and certain medication can damage the natural production of the thyroid gland.

In adults, thyroid hormone is essential for optimum mental and physical well-being. In children, it is additionally important for regular physical and mental development. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, weight gain, lethargy, a slow heartbeat, aching muscles, constipation, dry skin, and aversion to cold.

Beyond hypothyroidism, Armour Thyroid can also be used for the treatment of related diseases such as goitres and thyroid cancer. It can further be used as a diagnostic tool by serving to test for thyroid function, or as a fertility treatment when infertility is directly linked with thyroid hormone deficiency.

Side effects 

The majority of those who take Armour Thyroid do not report any common side effects. Some patients may experience temporary hair loss during the first few months of treatment.

As stated, it is rare to experience side effects from Armour Thyroid. For those who experience mild effects, it is worth considering that your doctor has deemed the benefits of Armour Thyroid to outweigh potential minor discomforts.

However, you should consult your doctor if you experience any of the following unlikely but severe side effects of excessive thyroid levels: fatigue, diarrhea, tremors, migraine, sweating, mood swings, anxiety, shortness of breath, aversion to heat.

You should seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following rare but severe side effects of excessive thyroid levels: heart palpitations, swelling of extremities, seizures, chest pain.

It is extremely rare for Armour Thyroid to trigger a severe allergic reaction. However, seek medical assistance if you notice such symptoms as rash, itchiness, swelling, dizziness, and difficulty breathing.


Armour Thyroid should not be taken for weight loss.

Discuss any allergies with your doctor before taking medications.

Once prescribed by a doctor, Armour Thyroid should be taken regularly in order to have a full impact. Thyroid hormone replacement treatment is usually taken for life.

Consult your doctor if you suspect you are suffering from symptoms of hypothyroidism. If prescribed thyroid hormone treatment, ask your doctor about the Armour Thyroid brand.

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