Treatment For Underbite: Check The Basic Details Here!

Alignment of teeth is referred to as occlusion. Not everyone has the perfect set of teeth or perfect occlusion. If the alignment is not as expected, the condition is malocclusion, which can refer to an underbite or an overbite. Underbite is a form of malocclusion, where the lower set of teeth is more prominent than the upper set. As a result, the person may have an uneven bite, which can be painful. Malocclusion is considered to be an inherited condition, so it can pass on from one generation to another, but underbite is rarely related to a few childhood habits too. The lower set of teeth might be crowded or might protrude in a way that it doesn’t allow the person to bite naturally. Here are more details on underbite.

Is it possible to prevent malocclusion?

While the signs of malocclusion are often visible from an early age, treatment is necessary to prevent the consequences. To be more precise, malocclusion cannot be prevented, but thankfully, it can be corrective, even in adulthood. Children tend to recover from malocclusion or an underbite sooner than adults.

Why should you be bothered about malocclusion?

Malocclusion prevents a person from biting normally. Every bite exerts a considerable amount of pressure, which can then affect all the teeth in the mouth. People who don’t get malocclusion treated usually have chipped or cracked teeth, and in the long run, this can be a cause of many other dental problems.

Invisalign and underbite

Invisalign, for the uninitiated, is a great alternative to otherwise ugly-looking braces. Invisalign, as the name suggest, are clear plastic trays that are customized for every patient and help in alignment of teeth. Much like braces, Invisalign can be removed for regular dental care. Invisalign is one of the best choices for treating an underbite, and even adults get the benefits within a year to up to 16 months. The treatment time is dependent on many factors though, such as the age of the patient, the condition of the teeth, and complications involved.

If you want to go for Invisalign for an underbite, always select a clinic that you can rely on. Any dental treatment gets better when a reliable team of dentists is working on the case. Invisalign has been a successful choice for treating malocclusion, and you can expect your dentist to explain everything about the process, including costs and complications (if any).

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