How to choose H1b employers?

While many companies don’t offer h1b visa(also known as h1b签证) applications to their employees, that doesn’t mean they can’t. For the most part, employers do not know how to apply for H1B visas or misunderstand them. At this time, as a job seeker, it is helpful to persuade the employer to make an exception for applying for H1B if he knows the conditions and process of applying for H1B in advance and makes a detailed introduction to the employer. There is no need to advertise in newspapers. There is no direct competition with American workers. There is no need to prove labor shortage. In most cases, because h1b’s lawyer fee (also known as h1b律师费) is not high, many people will entrust h1b’s lawyer (also known as h1b律师). As long as the employer provides some basic information and documents, the immigration lawyer (also known as 移民律师) can prepare the whole set of documents for the employer to sign. Try to make the employer feel that it is not a very complicated and tedious process, so that the employer is more willing to apply. Note, however, that h1b lawyers recommend (also known as h1b律师推荐) reliable law firms, such as GOH1B, Zeng Law Group (also known as 锦晖律师事务所), etc.

In addition to looking for an employer to apply for H1B, international students set up their own company development business and apply for H1B for themselves through their own company. This kind of situation is more suitable for applicants who want to start a business in the United States and have a certain economic foundation. The Immigration Bureau also issued relevant policies for self-employment application H1B. The most critical point is to prove that the applicant has a real employment relationship with the founding company, that is, the company that is founded has control over the applicant’s work (hire and fire). This requires that at the beginning of the establishment of the company, it should be noted that what form of company is established to prove that the company has control over your own work.

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