Genetic Testing Works Wonders with Hereditary Cancer Risks and More

When it comes to illness, few things are scarier than finding out that you have cancer, and if you also have family members who have had the same type of cancer as you do, it usually means that you have hereditary cancer, which is one of two main types of cancer. The second type is called sporadic cancer, and it occurs in people with no family history of the disease. If you’ve noticed a certain type of cancer being prevalent in your family – for example, breast or thyroid cancer – you might wonder what your own chances are of getting it yourself. Fortunately, you can now choose to participate in genetic testing so you can know what your chances are, and the tests are painless, thorough, and accurate. Many laboratories offer this type of testing, and above all else, it gives you a little peace of mind that you likely didn’t have before you took the test.

Testing That Makes a Difference

Testing for your risks of cancer can be a little scary, but for most people, knowing the risks is a lot less nerve wracking than not knowing. The tests don’t tell you that you will definitely get cancer; instead, they tell you whether or not you are at a higher risk of getting the disease. Most results are either positive or negative, with the latter meaning you are not at risk for getting cancer. There is also an inconclusive risk, which means further testing may be necessary. Top notch genetic testing in Singapore is done at high quality medical labs, and they are recommended for certain people, including those whose family members have had any type of rare cancer, more than one type of cancer at a time, or who have had cancer under the age of 50. However, any concerns you may have about your family members who have had cancer can be eased somewhat by getting one of these genetic tests done, and they are very simple, uncomplicated tests.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Again, getting a positive test result doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get cancer at some point in your lifetime, it just means you are at an increased risk of getting the disease. However, since there are now things you can do to decrease your risks of any type of cancer, just knowing one way or another what your risks are is a great place to start. Cancer is always a scary thought, regardless of what your risks are, and because it is so prevalent in most parts of the world, doing what you can to try and avoid it is always a smart option. Getting a genetic test done is usually both simple and inexpensive, and should the test conclude that you already have cancer, the good news is that it will be caught early enough to start treatment immediately. Regardless of what the test shows, you’ll be more prepared for your future, and even though it doesn’t show your risks of getting sporadic cancer, at least you’ll have enough information to proceed from there.

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