Why Do You Use Vegan Skincare Products?

Poethique is a Massachusetts company that designs and sells vegan skincare products. That is to say that all their products are made with natural, plant-based ingredients that are acceptable to customers who practice the vegan lifestyle. Perhaps you are into vegan skincare yourself. If so, why? What makes you tick?

The idea of vegan skincare is actually not new in principle. Long before humankind was creating synthetic ingredients to put into things like moisturizers and facial cleansers, we were using all sorts of plants to accomplish the same things. Beauticians and doctors alike have been relying on the many benefits of plants for thousands of years.

Vegan skincare is only new today as a marketing principle. Companies like Poethique have come to realize that a core group of consumers committed to the vegan lifestyle are willing to extend their commitment to everything they do – even protecting their skin against age and environmental damage.

So again, why do you use vegan skincare products? Perhaps some of the reasons listed below are familiar to you.

1. You Prefer Simple Products

Moisturizers and facial oils made with synthetic ingredients tend to have longer ingredient lists. Why? Because after formulating the base product, manufacturers have to add emulsifiers, coloring agents, scents, preservatives, and more. It is not unheard of to add a new ingredient in order to counteract some of the negative consequences of a previously added ingredient.

Fans of vegan skincare know that the products they choose are a lot simpler. Many are made with fewer than half-a-dozen ingredients, and formulations do not require artificial colors, scents, etc. The natural ingredients that make up such formulations do just fine on their own.

2. You Believe in the Power of Nature

A common thread among vegans of all stripes is a belief in the power of nature to provide all that we need for this life. Indeed, that belief is core to Poethique’s business model. Poethique was founded on the principle of harnessing the power of nature and combining it with centuries of beauty wisdom to make all-natural skincare products. If you are a fan of vegan skincare, you probably believe that a simple combination of vitamins, minerals, and moisturizing agents is all you need for healthy skin.

3. You Believe in Preserving the Planet

Another common thread among vegans is a desire to make choices that help preserve the planet. Because vegan skincare relies only on natural, plant-based ingredients, you can rest easier knowing that manufacturing your favorite moisturizer and exfoliate is less harmful to the environment. You can also rest assured that animals are not being harmed just to protect your skin.

4. You’re Trying to Avoid Chemicals

Vegan skincare is, by its very nature, reliant on natural ingredients. That makes the products you buy free of chemicals you might not want touching your skin. If nothing else, choosing vegan skincare is one way to reduce the number of chemicals you come in contact with.

The fact is that chemicals are frightening to a lot of people in this day and age. There is certainly no need to demonize non-vegan skincare products as being dangerous in every respect, but there is also no need to use such products now that vegan skincare is a legitimate and viable thing.

The vegan mindset that first began with food choices decades ago has now reached the point of influencing skincare and cosmetics. If you believe in vegan skincare, you are among a growing number of consumers willing to embrace a new way of caring for the skin. Welcome to the family.

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